Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why do weekends seem to go by so fast? I started feeling the pressure of the Holidays. We did a little baking. Marissa made us brownies. Which were gone in less than one day. Then Marissa, me and the baby did a little shopping. For Katelyn, I first wanted to buy her some Disney Princess Dressup clothes and shoes, but couldn't resist buying her a Pink Purrincess Kitty doll from Build-A-Bear with a Fairy dress and wings , and the good news I would save $15.

What was really nice was getting to spend time with Marissa shopping. Being that she's almost 13, growing up for most of her life I worked nights, and felt like we really didn't spend a lot of time together. So it was so cool, picking outfits out for Christmas Eve and just having her try on jackets was alot of fun.

On Sunday morning my Mom invited us to Church for their Children's Christmas Pagent. Can anyone relate to getting 4 children ready for a church service by 10:30. Thank Goodness, doughnuts and juice were served between services, because I did not have time to make a nice breakfast. Hearing the Christmas story of Jesus's Birth really made my soul refreshed. I felt my heart soften a little. Not that I have a hard heart, but with my son's illness, I realize I do harbor some resentment towards God for allowing this to happen to a child, and our family. I almost wish he'd of made me Diabetic, so my son wouldn't have to suffer. I came away from the service glad that I've known all along , this is God's way of getting me to trust him and have faith in him, that he is taking care of our family.

After that I took the kids to see Santa. I must have this inner timing of year after year, for the 3rd. year in a row, we get there and then 1/2 an hour later Santa takes a break, and we end up waiting another 1/2 hour. The kids were all right waiting, not an easy thing for a 3yro and 6 yro to do. Josh surprised me, last year he didn't want to have anything to do with Santa, this year he just jumped in his lap and started talking about wanting an XBOX360, and a Basketball. Well, I can get the Basketball. Katelyn was more than a little scared, she didn't sit on his lap, she kind of sat next to Santa and told him she wanted a Pony! I'll have to go buy her a My Lil Pony. My husband found a mini Donkey online for $700, he was just teasing. You know what I like about this picture, they are both smiling. Last year, they were both annoyed about having to wait so long to see Santa.

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I've still got plenty of baking and shopping to do. If you have time stop by Tuesday night, I'll have some Fresh Baked virtual goodies for y'all. Everyone have a good Monday tomorrow!

Are you all finished shopping? What do you have left to do?

I know it's been almost a year since I've posted here. I've been blogging, about what our family has been doing on my other blog Are We There Yet, and I wanted to keep them separate, but I just realized how not only is it a Small World, but a Small Blogosphere. I stop in and visit Sandra every once in a while, to see how Joseph is doing. I also read Perfect Post Awards, and just noticed she was nominated for a November Perfect Post. I came to realize, I haven't posted over here, because it's my way of repressing my feelings of Josh having Type 1 Diabetes. He's been on a pump now for a little over a year, and the school nurse complimented him, that out of the other Type 1 Diabetics at his school, he's the healtiest looking one. Made my day.
I'm going to try and blog better over here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I just want everyone to know, I'm inviting you all to Help me Celebrate Josh's first A1c after 3 months of pump therapy treatment and the fact that I am so thrilled and can't control my emotions. I don't know whether I feel like crying or laugh out hysterically that All is OK!
After a night of worry about wondering if the pump is working, or if Josh was in a growth spurt because he was looking like he lost weight and got a little thinner because of some rather HIGH's I wasn't comfortable with, but I did what the doctor instructed me to do, and after hearing about the Death of Ariel, my mind was just really full of what if's and am I REALLY do a good job!!
His A1c before pump therapy was 6.9 and with the pump it did go up to 7.9 , but the doctor assured me that it was still very normal for a child Josh's age, and that I'm feeling more comfortable with the pump that the numbers will get better!! But still, I had visions of A1cs 11 or 12 something way out in left field!! It is amazing how one day you can be in such dispair, and the next day have the biggest smile on your face.... with brief moments of PEACE and Harmony that all is right with our World.
The one real thing keeping me going is Faith in the never knowing if there is going to be a cure, and the seemingly near impossible task of this Awful disease, but this is a huge step in the right direction, and I'm going to keep on everyday with the idea that this may be the last day I will have to do any of this testing or inserting, or counting carbs....etc...! I hope everyone had a great day, and Best Wishes and Blessings to you and your families .

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This weekend was our first SICK with Diabetes weekend! Josh came home with a terrible cough.
That night he took a turn for the worst. His temp. shot up to 103, and was getting dehydrated, and his BS were between 280-320 and no amount of correction would bring it down...I called the doctor, and after giving Josh some Pedialyte, and Children's motrin, and some nice COLD ICE baths his temp went down to 101, and his BS were from 170-220. He started eating a little more and drinking more fluids. Even though he felt better on Monday I still kept him home from school. But I could definetly see a difference between Josh being sick, and my other 2 girls when they get a cold. He didn't just look sick, he looked very sickly....Anyways he's back to himself..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yesterday was the first day of the school year, the nurse didn't call me, and when Josh got home, I checked his Bolus History, the nurse had given him a correction of 1.6 units, his BS was 108 at 3pm and by dinner he was 84....YAY!! I haven't been going down to the Nurses office lately Thanks again to the pump, but I realize next year in 1st grade his schedule will change dramatically, and with the schedule of eating actually on a schedule rather than being home and having me try and schedule his meals Breakfast at 7:30 and lunch at 11:30, I have confidence in the Nurses, and with the pump and his schedule I can see him really taking off . You know the feeling of the first day of school when you see your child leave you, and they are off on an adventure and growing up...That's what I can only imagine 1st grade with Diabetes will be for us. I'm a little anxious his 1st checkup since the pump is sometime next week, and with adjusting to the pump with more HIGHS than I'm comfortable with, but knowing the last couple of weeks, it's all come together. The one thing about Diabetes treatment is being able to test when ever and where ever we need too! I am thankfull for that! I'd be even happier with a cure!! :P
Good Night everyone!

Monday, January 09, 2006

I found the article in the NY Times today very concearning! In the next 5 yrs. 1 out of 3 children will be diagnosed with Diabetes and 30% of adults don't even know they have it....This really makes me sad that our future generation is being afflicted by a disease that is more like an epidemic now. In my opinion, Our Nation will be depending on a cure for our future. I'm not very good at posting information or my opinion, but if you get a chance it's worth reading.

Update: I miss read the article a little. The article stated that 1 in 3 children born in the last 5yrs will develope Diabetes in their lifetime. Which is still 33% to much.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here's an interesting day. Today is a day we change his site, which happens to be from the Rt. side of his hip to the Lft. Josh is a very (not skinny) but slender, I'd place the site on his stomach, but he has no padding...His BS last night were from 340 at midnite to 170 this morning, I knew the site needed to be changed. About every 3 days, unless it gets knocked about which I'm learning after 2hrs if it's over 300, it needs to be changed....
It's the first day back to school for the children, so at 2pm the Nurse called and said Josh was 74
she gave him 4oz of juice and when he got home I gave him 4 grahm crackers. Dinner he had a normal 45grms C. so I gave him 3 8:30 his BS was 36...He looked perfectly fine....He said he felt fine....after we got his BS up and Josh into bed then he said he wasn't feeling good, but I've come to look at patterns of not only his behavior, but see when I change the pump the first day I need to give a little less than normal so 20/1, the 2nd day it's a straight 15/1 and the 3rd day a little more insulin than normal almost like 10/1.
Here's another example of normal 5yr old behavior, Josh wanted to do something Josh's way without listening to his father and threw a fit, thinking his BS might be a little high, we tested him and his BS was 136... I've come to realize it's better to test and have some peace of mind that it's not extremely low and know for sure, that all is well for the moment.