Thursday, November 10, 2005

I got the biggest laugh yesterday from the school nurse....

If by 2:15 I don't recieve a call, then Josh's bs is fine....but I still call and check.
The nurse tells me he'd been in twice. The first time he hurt his finger at recess and needed a band-aid....HAHA. She says Josh isn't a child who comes to the nurse looking for attention, in fact he hates going to the nurses office....A child who pricks his finger and bleeds everyday, sometimes 5-6 times a day asking for a band-aid. that was the first time.
The second time he comes in and says he doesn't feel good. His bs is 130, he said his throat hurt.
The nurse asked him where does it hurt, and he didn't know. Then she asked him do you want to go back to class and he said "YEAH!".

I don't know what all that was about, but I got a kick about needing the BAND-AID!!

On another note, I picked up a HOLIDAY magazine for diabetic recipes for Thanksgiving.
It wasn't even an ariticle, but it said that the FDA had approved an INHALER, my husband was talking about this last year, I'm going to find out more info, I was wondering if anyone else had any comments or info on this!!