Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's been too long since I've posted, and I have the most wonderful News. Josh has been on the pump since Thanksgiving and it really has been a life saver. He's adjusting just fine, and being such an active little guy, has had to change his pump out a couple times for knocking the site about, but his BS are more stable now in the middle of the afternoon, and they are lower than they have been in the morning. I can keep track better of when and how much I gave him his insulin....Just amazing! Our family has been busy with the Holidays and we are now getting ready for a Great New Year!!
My husband at first thought, OK I've been taking shots for more than 20yrs....There's no difference.....He sees how stable Josh's BS have been, and that all I do is push a few buttons and Josh is all set....Now I think he's a little jealous, and he looked at me and tilted his head said..."You really do enjoy having the pump much better!", and I told my husband "When it's your turn, you'll understand!" Hopefully that will be sometime this next year!

I promise I'll be posting more now that Life has settled back down!!
Wishing you all a Great New Year!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I got the biggest laugh yesterday from the school nurse....

If by 2:15 I don't recieve a call, then Josh's bs is fine....but I still call and check.
The nurse tells me he'd been in twice. The first time he hurt his finger at recess and needed a band-aid....HAHA. She says Josh isn't a child who comes to the nurse looking for attention, in fact he hates going to the nurses office....A child who pricks his finger and bleeds everyday, sometimes 5-6 times a day asking for a band-aid. that was the first time.
The second time he comes in and says he doesn't feel good. His bs is 130, he said his throat hurt.
The nurse asked him where does it hurt, and he didn't know. Then she asked him do you want to go back to class and he said "YEAH!".

I don't know what all that was about, but I got a kick about needing the BAND-AID!!

On another note, I picked up a HOLIDAY magazine for diabetic recipes for Thanksgiving.
It wasn't even an ariticle, but it said that the FDA had approved an INHALER, my husband was talking about this last year, I'm going to find out more info, I was wondering if anyone else had any comments or info on this!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

This post is a little overdue. I meant to post this weekend, but last week was CRAZY!
It was Parent Teacher conference week and everyone's schdule was turned upside down.
Josh had last Thurs, Friday off, and then he didn't go back to school until the following Thurs.
The KICKER, his conference was WEDS afternoon. The teacher said he was a great, sweet kid and doing well, and that she would see how they (his classmates) would do in the morning?
HOW THEY WOULD DO IN THE MORNING???!!! Josh is in PM Kindergarten, his appt for his pump would be at 10am THURS Morning. Oh well. I had made the appt thinking he would be able to go to school the whole time, but now instead he would only go from 8:20am- 9:30.
So you may ask how did he do....??
He was so upset I picked him up from school early. Really cranky. GREAT!
At the appt he was just as stubborn and upset and really, really, really cranky!!
I had to literally bribe him to let the nurse help me insert his pump.
Which he said barely hurt him, YEAH, that was the important part, seeing how he would take to the whole insertion of the pump. So when we got home, I let him have a carmel apple, ( his sisters both got to have one), and he really only ate half of it, but I had told him he could have one after his doctor's appt. Then we rode his bike to the park, and after that we went to the $Store to buy him a toy...My mom kinda did the same thing for me and my brother with our braces....After the doctors she would take us to McD's for vanilla shakes, I don't know if it's a bribe, or just me feeling sorry he HAS to go through this and my way of making things seem better.... In the end the whole family is happy with his pump, and so until next time! Everyone have a great day tomorrow!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I made Josh's 2nd pump training appt for Thurs. Things have been going well. I really am getting excited about having the flexibility and not to mention LESS shots, it maybe a little more work, but I'm sure well worth it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Surfing through the web for inspiring quotes I found this one.

The soul is the same in all living creatures.....only the body is different -----Hippocrates

Tomorrow I'm making Josh's 2nd appt. for his pump training.
Things have been going well with his bg, 80-100 in the morning, and before meals.
Hovering between 130-150 before bed and between meals.
Now we'll see how long this lasts.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I look at Josh, and I see a child like any other 5yr old. Loves to play at the park, likes throwing a baseball with his dad, reading, and just doing what kids his age do. And when he needs a snack and as independent as he is helps himself to it. He's aware he needs to let me know what he's eating, but I think sometimes that I'm hungry, and Mom's busy, I'll just help myself, and think nothing more of it, but then I am reminding him of why he needs to tell me or come to me and I'll help him with his snack, I can't help but think, OK he knows how to test his blood, it's never to early to start adding Carbs with him and put the connection together....That's what tears my heart, today his teacher had mentioned that since he spent time in the nurses office today during class, he didn't get to do something like the other children and telling him that Maybe tomorrow he would get to do it, which doesn't seem fair to me. She doesn't seem to understand still how important it is to test his BS, and that if that comment made me feel like she was making him different than the other children, what would be his prespective???It just really hits me that, that's not what I'm trying to teach him....Anyways, I'm at a loss for words right now, so until tomorrow.

Friday, September 30, 2005

I know one day, my son will be doing everything I'm doing to keep himself healthy.
One day all this hard, frustrating, some sleepless nights and all the ups and downs will be a memory and a reminder that children do grow up to manage themselves.
For example, since school started about a 1 1/2 months ago, Josh is in PM K, which if he were in AM, I would worry a little less of his BS dropping between 2-4pm. His school is very organized from my prespective taking care of the 8 diabetics. The nurse has a schedule of when they all come in to test their BS, and to help them after lunch determine how much insulin they need. My son's teacher in the beginning was a little unsure of what my son's needs were....So being K, and my son's first year at school, I live only 5 minutes away....I am after all anxious of his BS dropping( which it did for a couple of weeks, and the nurse assured me most of the diabetics had similar problems).....I dropped by the nurse's office and tested my son's blood, until all of us were comfortable with everything. One day a substitute nurse was in the health office, and Josh's BS was low. He needs to retest 15 min. after drinking about 10-20c of juice. I also watch a friend's son and needed to leave, leaving my son with the sub nurse to retest him.
OMG, she calls me and has no idea how his BG monitor worked. Josh had to show her. That's when he started to be more independent. Now he wants to put the test strip in and actually knows how to prick his finger.....To end this Tale.....Yesterday I go in at 2 like normal, I walk in the nurses office, and she says, "We're all Done his BS was 22o", (which is a little high, but DR.s order says no correction to be given unless over 25o and only after 2 tests are performed in a row). His teacher like I said in the beginning had even commentted to me, " He has to do this every day!", and I had explained to her what might happen if he didn't, and that one day he may be fine, but not every day is the same. She has now got in the routine of just sending him at 2, and Josh can now test his own BS, and I can now for the moment enjoy some realization that all my hard efforts will one day pay off...Thank God! Hope all of you have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Here goes my very first post, and I'm very excited. It all started the day after Christmas 2003.
My then 3yr old son Josh, about 2 or 3 in the morning began to cry unconsolably. My husband who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 12, that night thought it might be a good idea to test Josh's BS. It was 460, so I took him to emergency where we found out. Looking back at pictures of him that Christmas, he had gotten so skinny and looked so sick, I think as a Mother, how is it I didn't see how sick he was! My son having diabetes has been a blessing in disguise. My husband is now becoming an awesome role model, checking his BS more. He switched from Humilin to Humalog and Lantus, which has made a world of difference. And my son has someone to look up too. The days I get so frustrated and have no idea why his BS are high, or low, my husband reminds me I'm doing the best I can do, and that Josh is doing fine.
The upcoming posts: We ordered Josh the pump, my husband is waiting for the Meditronic Mini Med's Guardian continuous monitoring system. We had our firtst pump therapy session, and Josh is a little anxious about the whole insertion process, but I've been told that with the pump the quality of his life (and my sanity) will be so much better.
That's the beginning of my family's story!