Sunday, March 11, 2007

In thinking about this I originally wanted to know if any parents or caregivers of Type 1 Diabetics felt burnout, but I'm going to open it to anyone with Type 1 Diabetes also. How did you pull yourself out of that feeling of I am so tired of the day in day out, testing blood sugar, either giving injections, or changing inserts for insulin pumps? I'm wondering if I am the only one who feels like this. As good as things are with the pump, Diabetes is still frustrating, and still emotionally draining me. Josh is so strong, and he doesn't give me too hard of a time,but he's starting to show signs of burnout.
He has a Dr.s Appt. on Weds, we'll see how that goes. I can see by his numbers that the Dr. is more than likely going to raise his basal rate of .02. On no carbs from 12pm-8pm, around 6pm he jumped from 135 to 265 and by 8pm he was 277. Just now after 22carbs and 3units later, at 11pm he was 182. I'll start the second part of his no carb test to see if his basal rate needs to be changed from 12am-8am, and then the final test on Tues. from 8am-12pm and then 8pm-12am. Instead of carbs, Josh eats hardboiled eggs, bacon, hamburger patties, and he loves tuna.If his basal rate is set right, with no carbs his numbers would be consistent through the 24hr test, which the Dr. told me it was OK to break it up. I find it interesting to see how with no carbs the numbers don't change.
I'll post more results from his basal test tomorrow.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I took Josh to get his haircut yesterday. After we checked in and sat down to wait. There came another little boy about 3yrs old that reminded me of Josh before he was diagnosed with Diabetes. Josh picked up a NASCAR race car magazine and was showing me all the HOT CARS! Looking at the little boy and looking at Josh, in taking care of him, I really hadn't noticed how he'd grown up so fast. What was funny, was this little boy would take 4 or 5 steps closer to Josh, and Josh would pretend to play Peek-A-Boo with this little boy! Josh would hide his face in the magazine, and then as the little boy got close Josh would peek out from the magazine and scare him a little. The boy would scream a little happy scream and run back to him Mom laughing. They did this a couple of times until Josh was called to have his hair cut.

Then the woman cutting his hair started to laugh. Everytime she started to clip his hair he'd make some type of funny sound, with a smile, made me laugh a little too. It's just so amazing to feel some comic relief from him. Instead of being a serious boy with a serious problem, he pulls out the laughs and makes his Mom smile not to mention everyone around him!

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