Monday, October 24, 2005

This post is a little overdue. I meant to post this weekend, but last week was CRAZY!
It was Parent Teacher conference week and everyone's schdule was turned upside down.
Josh had last Thurs, Friday off, and then he didn't go back to school until the following Thurs.
The KICKER, his conference was WEDS afternoon. The teacher said he was a great, sweet kid and doing well, and that she would see how they (his classmates) would do in the morning?
HOW THEY WOULD DO IN THE MORNING???!!! Josh is in PM Kindergarten, his appt for his pump would be at 10am THURS Morning. Oh well. I had made the appt thinking he would be able to go to school the whole time, but now instead he would only go from 8:20am- 9:30.
So you may ask how did he do....??
He was so upset I picked him up from school early. Really cranky. GREAT!
At the appt he was just as stubborn and upset and really, really, really cranky!!
I had to literally bribe him to let the nurse help me insert his pump.
Which he said barely hurt him, YEAH, that was the important part, seeing how he would take to the whole insertion of the pump. So when we got home, I let him have a carmel apple, ( his sisters both got to have one), and he really only ate half of it, but I had told him he could have one after his doctor's appt. Then we rode his bike to the park, and after that we went to the $Store to buy him a toy...My mom kinda did the same thing for me and my brother with our braces....After the doctors she would take us to McD's for vanilla shakes, I don't know if it's a bribe, or just me feeling sorry he HAS to go through this and my way of making things seem better.... In the end the whole family is happy with his pump, and so until next time! Everyone have a great day tomorrow!


Sandra Miller said...


I'm glad the pump training went well-- AND that the insertion wasn't painful (for us, that was the most daunting part of the whole transition to the pump!).

Hope this week is a calmer one for all of you...

Take care,


Sandra Miller said...


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If you've already figured the above out, I apologize for taking up space here. But man, I've been hit with this stuff myself, and just hate it.

Take care,