Monday, May 07, 2007

The School year is almost out. Josh will be out of school is just two short weeks. He made it through his first year of being at school all day long away from my care, and me having to put my trust in the nurses to take care of him. Which I might add is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with emotionally since the day we found out he was Diabetic. It's been rough for me letting go, because I want to protect him and make sure he's being taken care of. The nurse is awesome. She just let me know that she will be there all next year. This year she's only been at Josh's school every Monday, Tuesday and every other Wendesday. The other days there is a nurse's assistant who's taken care of him since the beginning of the year, who I thought was doing such a wonderful job in taking care of him. His A1C's for Spring were a little higher than 7, they were 7.7, but under 8, which his doctor told me is normal for Josh's age. The other day I had to contact the nurse because the nurses assistant made the mistake of giving Josh 37 carbs and only half the needed insulin to cover for it and called me at lunch to ask me WHY his blood sugar was so high? When I told her that I'd left instructions for her to follow, she got defensive. I called the nurse who called the assistant, and the assistant called me back to apologize. This is why I worry so. The nurse has decided to not give snacks anymore just because. My son and the other 2 Diabetics at his school, she's decided will get snacks if they are boderline at 100, or low. I agree with her reasons. One, not Josh, but the other two are not wanting to eat their lunch, and with Josh, it's throwing his bloodsugar off. I also don't remember my daughter having snack time in 2nd grade unless it was a special occassion.
Otherwise, eveything has been going fine. Some highs here and there, along with the lows,but I'm finally starting to feel confident in what do I do now and not be so shook up when he's over 300, or drops very low. He's learning how to prime his pump, and use his Bolus Wizard. It's wonderful to see him grow and see him become responsible in taking care of himself. Remebering when he was 3, and giving him all those shots a day to this BIG BOY of almost 7, learning to work his insulin pump. It's enough to make my heart burst with Love, and Pride for my son.


Penny said...

Riley will be starting school in August. It will be the first time anyone will care for him other than my mom, my husband, or me. I'm scared to death.

I'm glad Josh is doing well.

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