Thursday, September 29, 2005

Here goes my very first post, and I'm very excited. It all started the day after Christmas 2003.
My then 3yr old son Josh, about 2 or 3 in the morning began to cry unconsolably. My husband who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 12, that night thought it might be a good idea to test Josh's BS. It was 460, so I took him to emergency where we found out. Looking back at pictures of him that Christmas, he had gotten so skinny and looked so sick, I think as a Mother, how is it I didn't see how sick he was! My son having diabetes has been a blessing in disguise. My husband is now becoming an awesome role model, checking his BS more. He switched from Humilin to Humalog and Lantus, which has made a world of difference. And my son has someone to look up too. The days I get so frustrated and have no idea why his BS are high, or low, my husband reminds me I'm doing the best I can do, and that Josh is doing fine.
The upcoming posts: We ordered Josh the pump, my husband is waiting for the Meditronic Mini Med's Guardian continuous monitoring system. We had our firtst pump therapy session, and Josh is a little anxious about the whole insertion process, but I've been told that with the pump the quality of his life (and my sanity) will be so much better.
That's the beginning of my family's story!

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Sandra Miller said...


Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Yes, we all look at that diagnosis moment, and wonder why we didn't know immediately that our child had diabetes. I think that in those awful days leading up to the diagnosis, the inevitable outcome is simply incomprehensible...

Your son is very lucky to have you to care for him, and to have his dad to look up to, as he learns to cope with this disease.

Keep us posted on how things are going with the pump... and how your husband does with the continuous monitoring system.

Take care,