Friday, September 30, 2005

I know one day, my son will be doing everything I'm doing to keep himself healthy.
One day all this hard, frustrating, some sleepless nights and all the ups and downs will be a memory and a reminder that children do grow up to manage themselves.
For example, since school started about a 1 1/2 months ago, Josh is in PM K, which if he were in AM, I would worry a little less of his BS dropping between 2-4pm. His school is very organized from my prespective taking care of the 8 diabetics. The nurse has a schedule of when they all come in to test their BS, and to help them after lunch determine how much insulin they need. My son's teacher in the beginning was a little unsure of what my son's needs were....So being K, and my son's first year at school, I live only 5 minutes away....I am after all anxious of his BS dropping( which it did for a couple of weeks, and the nurse assured me most of the diabetics had similar problems).....I dropped by the nurse's office and tested my son's blood, until all of us were comfortable with everything. One day a substitute nurse was in the health office, and Josh's BS was low. He needs to retest 15 min. after drinking about 10-20c of juice. I also watch a friend's son and needed to leave, leaving my son with the sub nurse to retest him.
OMG, she calls me and has no idea how his BG monitor worked. Josh had to show her. That's when he started to be more independent. Now he wants to put the test strip in and actually knows how to prick his finger.....To end this Tale.....Yesterday I go in at 2 like normal, I walk in the nurses office, and she says, "We're all Done his BS was 22o", (which is a little high, but DR.s order says no correction to be given unless over 25o and only after 2 tests are performed in a row). His teacher like I said in the beginning had even commentted to me, " He has to do this every day!", and I had explained to her what might happen if he didn't, and that one day he may be fine, but not every day is the same. She has now got in the routine of just sending him at 2, and Josh can now test his own BS, and I can now for the moment enjoy some realization that all my hard efforts will one day pay off...Thank God! Hope all of you have a great weekend.

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