Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Here's an interesting day. Today is a day we change his site, which happens to be from the Rt. side of his hip to the Lft. Josh is a very (not skinny) but slender, I'd place the site on his stomach, but he has no padding...His BS last night were from 340 at midnite to 170 this morning, I knew the site needed to be changed. About every 3 days, unless it gets knocked about which I'm learning after 2hrs if it's over 300, it needs to be changed....
It's the first day back to school for the children, so at 2pm the Nurse called and said Josh was 74
she gave him 4oz of juice and when he got home I gave him 4 grahm crackers. Dinner he had a normal 45grms C. so I gave him 3 8:30 his BS was 36...He looked perfectly fine....He said he felt fine....after we got his BS up and Josh into bed then he said he wasn't feeling good, but I've come to look at patterns of not only his behavior, but see when I change the pump the first day I need to give a little less than normal so 20/1, the 2nd day it's a straight 15/1 and the 3rd day a little more insulin than normal almost like 10/1.
Here's another example of normal 5yr old behavior, Josh wanted to do something Josh's way without listening to his father and threw a fit, thinking his BS might be a little high, we tested him and his BS was 136... I've come to realize it's better to test and have some peace of mind that it's not extremely low and know for sure, that all is well for the moment.

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