Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This weekend was our first SICK with Diabetes weekend! Josh came home with a terrible cough.
That night he took a turn for the worst. His temp. shot up to 103, and was getting dehydrated, and his BS were between 280-320 and no amount of correction would bring it down...I called the doctor, and after giving Josh some Pedialyte, and Children's motrin, and some nice COLD ICE baths his temp went down to 101, and his BS were from 170-220. He started eating a little more and drinking more fluids. Even though he felt better on Monday I still kept him home from school. But I could definetly see a difference between Josh being sick, and my other 2 girls when they get a cold. He didn't just look sick, he looked very sickly....Anyways he's back to himself..


Ellen said...

Glad to hear he's back to himself. Whew. Scary eh?

It seems for the most part, the kids do fine and manage well with the diabetes. But when sick days come, we as parents recognize how fragile our children with diabetes really are. Things can change so fast.

You did a great job monitoring him and keeping in touch with the docs. Kudos. Now where are you going for some R&R? ;-)

Penny said...

I'm glad he's feeling better.

Sandra Miller said...


Yes, it is different when your child with diabetes gets sick.

Even if they get through pretty much unscathed, you just worry so much more.

I'm glad Josh is feeling better.