Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This weekend started fine with no problems. Late Sunday afternoon was another story. I'd taken the girls to get their haircut and when I get home, to test Josh's bloodsugar, he was 470. I'd just changed his pump, so my next thought was to ask my husband if he thought Josh had snuck some snacks. That's the only thing I could come up with to explain the HIGH! We gave him 3 units of insulin, and an hour later he only came down 40 points. I waited another hour, and it hardly went down at all. It took 3 hours for it to come down to 270. He was fine when he woke up the next day at 99. There are days, with no Rhyme or reason for Highs and Lows.

On a good note, I picked Josh up for his Dentist Appt. today. When I was checking him out at the office, his teacher told me, that Josh wanted to give his class a little presentation about his pump. I'll be sure and post about it tomorrow how it goes. His teacher said Josh takes his Diabetes and his insulin pump As a matter of fact. That she wished more adults had his attitude.

At the dentist, Josh did fine, but Katelyn was a little scared. He did get the attention of one of the dentist's assts. She was curious and asked me how I found out Josh was a Type 1 Diabetic. I told her some of the symptoms. Loss of weight, extremely thirsty all the time, frequent urinating, and he was always tired and dragging. She thinks her son might have Diabetes, and she had an appt. to see the doctor on Friday. I told her not to wait to get him to the docotr as soon as possible, if he is, she needed to get him to a doctor right away, Friday might be too late.

Today his bloodsugars have been fine 99 in the morning, 142 for lunch. Makes me really think why this weekend he was so high!

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Dawn said...

Hi I live in boston massachusetts area my son was diag/type 1 almost 2yrs ago he's 9 now & his numbers are up and up lately.. I noticed you started a pump it said.. researching over the net I've notice EVERY kid seems to be on a pump (w/highs over 6yrs) .. I'm interested in that new OMNIPUMP. Heard anything? anyone??