Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I just want everyone to know, I'm inviting you all to Help me Celebrate Josh's first A1c after 3 months of pump therapy treatment and the fact that I am so thrilled and can't control my emotions. I don't know whether I feel like crying or laugh out hysterically that All is OK!
After a night of worry about wondering if the pump is working, or if Josh was in a growth spurt because he was looking like he lost weight and got a little thinner because of some rather HIGH's I wasn't comfortable with, but I did what the doctor instructed me to do, and after hearing about the Death of Ariel, my mind was just really full of what if's and am I REALLY do a good job!!
His A1c before pump therapy was 6.9 and with the pump it did go up to 7.9 , but the doctor assured me that it was still very normal for a child Josh's age, and that I'm feeling more comfortable with the pump that the numbers will get better!! But still, I had visions of A1cs 11 or 12 something way out in left field!! It is amazing how one day you can be in such dispair, and the next day have the biggest smile on your face.... with brief moments of PEACE and Harmony that all is right with our World.
The one real thing keeping me going is Faith in the never knowing if there is going to be a cure, and the seemingly near impossible task of this Awful disease, but this is a huge step in the right direction, and I'm going to keep on everyday with the idea that this may be the last day I will have to do any of this testing or inserting, or counting carbs....etc...! I hope everyone had a great day, and Best Wishes and Blessings to you and your families .


Sandra Miller said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!!

Best thing I've read today.

Christine, you're doing a terrific job. You should be very proud.

Penny said...

Woo hoo Josh (and Josh's mom)!!!!

bethany said...

hope everything went well!!! <3